Every parish and mission throughout the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City will participate in the One Church, Many Disciples campaign. Each will have their fair share goal and will benefit by receiving a portion of the funds collected at their parish.

The 107 parishes and missions will be broken up into 4 groups which will conduct the campaign in different waves of activity. Each wave is approximately 6 months long, during this time each parish will be guided by the support of a campaign director.

The goals of each parish represent a fair share of the overall $80 million campaign goal. These goals are based on the following formula: [Average of 3 years regular parish offertory] multiplied by 135%

The result is then rounded up to the nearest $5,000. For example:

The One Church, Many Disciples Campaign is based on 5 guiding principles:

1. Prayer: Rooted in prayer and with God’s blessing, we will have a successful campaign.
2. Personal Visits: Peer-to-peer visits allow donors to ask questions and provide the most effective forum for receiving meaningful and sacrificial giving commitments.
3. Proportionate Requests: In keeping with the principles of Christian stewardship, the campaign seeks “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.”
4. Phased Approach: Gift requests occur in phases, with parishioners who are most able to make larger gift approached first.
5. Pledged Commitments: Pledges allow donors to commit to larger amounts by spreading payments over time. Three-to-five year pledges are encouraged.